Nureply API Integration Guide

Nureply can help you generate icebreaker first lines with the help of advanced AI models specifically created for this purpose. This guide will help you start utilizing Nureply's API.

Creating an API Key

To use Nureply in your internal systems, you need to generate an API Key. (You can only use Nureply's API if you are on the Growth, Pro, or Enterprise plan.)

Let's do this step by step:

  1. Open your profile page:
    • Go to your profile by clicking your profile picture on the top right of the page.

  1. Find the "Generate API Key" button:
    • Scroll down until you see the "Generate API Key" button.

  2. Click on "Generate API Key":
    • Once you click on "Generate API Key," you will receive an API Key.
    • You can use this API Key with Nureply's own API or for your Zapier integration.

Regenerating an API Key

If somehow your API Key leaks to the public, which shouldn't happen in the first place, you can always regenerate it. Note: This will invalidate your old Key, and you won't be able to send requests using it.

Using the API Key

  • Always send your API Key as a custom header field: X-Personal-API-Key
  • You can use GET or POST requests depending on the endpoint.

Best Practices

  • Security: Do NOT put this key in your frontend code. If this key leaks to the public, anyone can send requests on your behalf and use your credits.
  • Rate Limits: Always respect API rate limits, or your API access may be restricted.
  • Documentation: Only use your key with endpoints documented in the official documentation.