For connecting multiple accounts with SMTP and IMAP connection details you can use the following details:

Step 1: Make a copy of the example account list CSV

Access the file here:

(You can also upload your own CSV file but careful while selecting the required fields)

In this file you will see the details required details.

Adjust it to match with the connection details from your email service provider and your sender profile.

Step 2: Import your list to Nureply

Click "Connect New Account" for starting the process and click on "Import Multiple Accounts" (or you can use this link to jump to bulk import page:

Drag and drop your account list:

Select required fields:

Step 3: Connect Accounts

After importing everything successfully, you need to test account connections:

If the test is successful, you can either import them one by one or at the very bottom of the page you will see Import All Accounts button.

This process will take some time and but after everything is done, you will see the result by opening Accounts tab.

Step 4: Start sending more cold emails

There is no Step 4 but wanted to give you some courage to send more! :)