Hey there,

We have exciting new feature alerts to improve the cold email experience for everyone!

Did you hear that now you can customize the tone of voice for your personalizations? Wait... WHAT?!

Customizing the tone of your personalized opening lines is possible on Nureply. Make it casual, formal or funny to attract your prospect's attention and communicate the way you wish for.

Why? It's easy. We continue to claim that the best personalized opening lines generated by AI are in Nureply, it will be.

Step 1

After you upload your lead list in the "Lead List" tab, click on Personalize to create the personalization.

Step 2

Click Next.

Step 3

Select which Personalization Method you want to proceed with. (Either website based, Linkedin based or both!)

Step 4

Choose your style: Casual, Formal or Funny!

Step 5

Click on Go to Dashboard and see your personalization processing! We'll send you a notification email when the personalization is ready to meet your prospects!?

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We listen to you and strive to deliver the best cold email experience every day!