How does it feel to be one of the cool kids in cold outreach? ?

We’re so happy to welcome you because you're interested in growing your business with the right steps.

I want to introduce you to Nureply and familiarize you with the cold outreach process that happens here. You'll learn how to achieve maximum efficiency and how to use Nureply in a very short introduction. Think of this like a mini-demo that we get to know each other.

What can you do in Nureply?

Add unlimited mail accounts

To start your cold email journey, first you need to connect the email account you'll send. Follow the steps on the platform and reach out to us if you need any help.

Keep in mind that adding custom tracking domain and starting warm up will increase your mail deliverability. ?

What we recommend is for new mail accounts, set the daily email sending limit at 10. After 14 days of warm up, you can increase it to 30 and increase it gradually over time.

Upload unlimited lead lists

You can upload your lead lists that includes name, surname, email address and other variables you prefer in csv file on Lead List tab.

If you don't have existing lead list but want to try out Nureply's features, go to the link below and export the file in csv format.?

Check out the best working personalization

After you upload your leads on Lead List tab, you'll click on Personalization to see where the magic happens.

It's an optional stage but we highly recommend since you'll increase your open and reply rates up to x3 more with uniquely crafted personalization generated by Nureply's AI. ?

Adding Linkedin URL and company URL of your lead will allow you to generate AI-powered personalization. ?

For each personalization based on a Linkedin URL or website URL will cost 1 credit. If you wish to use both, each personalization will cost 2 credits per lead.

With our recent customizing tone of voice for personalization, communicate with your recipient however you wish.

Start your first campaign

Go to the Sequences tab and click Create a new sequence.

There are 3 options you can prefer to write your cold emails:

1. Write with AI

2. Use existing campaign

3. Write manually

If you select "Write with AI" option, you'll insert your company website link for AI to understand what your business do and create the best template within seconds.

Get ready to go live

Now you're all set! Lay back and get ready to receive positive responses and track them all in one platform, in Multinbox tab.

Who can use Nureply?

We have a wide range of ideal customer profiles. On one hand, most of our users are utilizing it to close more deals and improve their sales system. On the other, many marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, freelancers are using to focus on meaningful relationships and increase in their revenue. Let me narrow them quickly:

  • Closing more deals & increasing revenue

  • Creating meaningful relationships & partnerships

  • Entrepreneurs on the hunt of finding VC

  • Freelancers reaching out to find more customers

  • Finding dream job and reaching out to HR

Which means you can be one of:

  • B2B sales generation agencies

  • B2B SaaS companies sales & marketing departments

  • Cold email agencies

  • Marketing/influencer marketing agencies

  • Freelancers

  • Entrepreneurs

The possibilities are endless, believe me. Cold outreach is applicable to many scenarios you can imagine. You can start your 14-day free trial and witness your own success. Let us know any questions, we're always one click away. ?