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We want to assist you to all the technical set-up you need before sending any cold emails. It’s a critical step but no worries, we got you covered with trustful partners you have in Nureply.

Here’s a few important notes to keep in mind:

  • Your login email and cold email sending emails should be separated.

  • We know you worked so hard to maintain a high reputation for your main domain. So, in order to protect your main domain's reputation, we highly recommend you to have a new domain and connect it to Google workspace or other email providers.

Let’s get started!?

Setup your account

On the Accounts section in Nureply’s dashboard, you’ll connect all your cold email accounts in order to send your cold emails.

Optimize your email deliverability by setting up DNS

This part should be done on your email provider's admin settings. We also created a guideline for you to check your records.

Click to learn more about setting DNS ? How to set up your DKIM, SPF and DMARC?

To check if all your settings are configured, go to https://mxtoolbox.com/ and ensure if your settings are off to go.?

Setting up for custom tracking domain

Custom tracking domain (CTD) allows you to boost your deliverability and track your click rates. So, don’t skip this step too.

Click to learn more about CTD ? How to setup Custom Tracking Domain?

These steps are so much more easier than it seems and once you make all the setup, you'll no longer have to make them again!

Once again, welcome aboard. So excited to see what you'll achieve with Nureply.

We'll be by your side anytime through live chat or email.

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Happy sendings?