Once you've set your campaign and started tracking its process, you may notice that your initial emails are being sent more slowly than expected. Wondering why??

There's a complex algorithm at work, but I'll provide a concise explanation and guide you in evaluating the key factors influencing your email sending per campaign:

? Number of Mail Accounts: Consider the number of email accounts you're using.

? Daily Sending Limit per Mail Account: Determine the daily sending limit for each mail account.

? Campaign’s Daily Sending Limit: Note the daily sending limit you've set for your campaign.

? Number of Leads: How many leads are you trying to reach?

Let’s illustrate this with a quick example:

  • You have 3 mail accounts.

  • Each mail account has a daily sending limit of 30.

  • Your campaign's daily sending limit is 50.

  • You have 1000 leads to reach.

  • Your campaign consists of 4 emails (1 initial email + 3 follow-ups).

  • All 3 mail accounts are connected to this campaign.

Daily Email Sending Calculation:

  • Total daily emails from your accounts: 3 (mail accounts) x 30 (daily sending limit per account) = 90 emails

  • Your campaign's daily sending limit is 50, so it will start sending 50 initial emails to the first 50 leads out of 1000.

Total Email Sending Calculation:

  • Your campaign will send a total of 1000 x 4 = 4000 emails.

Campaign Duration Calculation:

  • To send 4000 emails with a daily limit of 50, it will take 4000 (total emails) ÷ 50 (daily campaign limit) = 80 days to complete this campaign.

? Email Sending Tips

If you want to finish the campaign in a shorter time, say 30 days, you can:

? Increase the number of mail accounts.

? Increase the daily sending limit of mail accounts to 50 (if they are not new mail accounts).

? Increase the daily sending limit of the campaign.

? Use more connected accounts in the campaign.

? Adjust the daily sending limit per account gradually.

We recommend starting with a daily sending limit of 10, gradually increasing it to 15 after a 14-day warm-up period, and then further increasing it to 20 or 30 over time.

? Follow-up Prioritization

With Nureply's recent feature, you have the flexibility to prioritize initial emails, follow-ups, or maintain a balanced approach. This feature is particularly valuable when managing multiple campaigns:

  • Initial Priority: All first emails to your leads will be sent first.

  • Balanced: We will evenly distribute emails between initial emails and follow-ups while respecting your campaign and account limits.

  • Follow-up Priority: We will prioritize follow-ups and utilize your remaining limits to send initial emails.

Set up your successful sequences and try out Nureply's recent feature!

By understanding and optimizing these factors, you can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your cold email campaigns.

Happy sending with Nureply! ?