Mastering the unique variable format is guaranteed to elevate your cold-email game and increase your email deliverability, no doubt about it.

Custom Variable

Custom variables are designed to provide you the flexibility to insert any variable that isn't necessarily include in every cold email campaign. Enhance your copywriting by using specific text sections that will carry out your email content with personalized information about your leads.

Your lead list has to include the variables below:







- To generate personalized opening lines (also known as personalization), you need to include at least Linkedin URL and/or company website URL.

How can I add custom variable?

To add another variable which isn't given on the list above, you can add additional columns to your leads’ CSV file and select it as a custom variable.

Then, you will see your custom variables in the text editor under the name of your columns.

Voila! You can now add any custom variable you need and start your uniquely crafted cold emails. ?

Random Variable

When discussing email deliverability, the frequency of the words you use in your email campaigns and their repetitiveness can be detected by mail providers, may lead you bounce your email. One method to prevent email bouncing or getting banned by mail providers is to insert random variables into your email template.

The possibilities are endless for creating customized and personalized emails for each prospect.

Hey | Hello | Hi

Make | create | establish

Best | Have a good one

The variable you add will be selected randomly in each email. This approach enhances your domain security, email deliverability and gives you room to be creative in your cold email automation.

How can I add random variable?

Go to Sequences and get into text editor where you write your email template

Click on “Add Variable”

Write down your variables and add separator between each variable.

Click on "Save"

SAFE Variable

We all aim to land in our prospect’s inbox, right? There are some key elements that not only help avoid spam folder but also boost your email deliverability: SAFE variables.

SAFE variable is an alternative text of your selected variable. If the information you're using is absent, adding a SAFE variable safeguards your email template from displaying missing info as #{{companyName}}.

Let's consider this sentence:

  • Your vision at #{{companyName}}, transforming fan engagement.

For some of your leads, the companyName might be empty, it results in blank?

  • Your vision at , transforming fan engagement

Instead of typos due to missing information, the SAFE variable provides a buffer against emails copywriting errors and you wont lose any deals because of any possible error.

  • Your vision at your company, transforming fan engagement

Much more accurate, isn’t it?

How can I add SAFE variable?

Go to Sequences and get into text editor you write your email template

Click on “Add Variable”

Write down your SAFE variable and click on “Save”

Have fun with writing your cold email and don't forget to be creative! ?